Station for robotised laser processes

Hybrid welding

Station for robotised laser processes is a comprehensive solution for all companies wishing to implement innovative laser technologies in their production processes in order to improve quality and effectiveness and, thus, production cost-efficiency.  

Main advantages of use of laser technologies:

  • process time reduction,
  • process aesthetics improvement,
  • production preparation cost reduction,
  • production cost reduction,
  • post-production cost reduction or elimination,
  • reduction of costs of additional materials for production,
  • electric energy consumption reduction,
  • reduction of human resources commitment in production,
  • work safety improvement,
  • full production repeatability guarantee.



Equipment of the standard station, dimensions 6.5 x 5.1 m:

  • cell, dimensions: 3.0 x 2.7 m, made of highly durable and safe materials,
  • workspace resulting from the robot range radius limited by the cell walls,
  • 2 - 4 kW power laser (depending on technology),
  • optical fibre cable transmitting the laser beam to the process head,
  • process heads for welding, hardening or cladding,
  • six-axis robot with an operator panel,
  • positioner providing two position options and allowing for loading and unloading of the detail during the process, prepared for installation of process holders,
  • fully functional ventilation, ensuring work comfort
  • safety systems protecting the operator,
  • central control unit for the entire station,
  • separate doors for process operators,
  • easy access to all station subassemblies,
  • stops hoisting and hauling equipment from damaging the station,
  • product with the CE mark.