LaserTec is one of the leading manufacturers of laser process stations on the European market. Within the scope of our business activity, we implement innovative laser technologies for the industry: welding, hardening, cladding and 3D cutting as well as hybrid welding.

We specialise in selection of process technologies and parameters, performance of technological tests for the customers, design and production of stations as well as integration of laser systems.

Furthermore, using laser technologies, we provide the services of hardening, cladding and welding of machine and device parts as well as develop solutions in the scope of automation, mechanisation and robotisation of production processes. The Laser Technology Centre of LaserTec specialises in services in the scope of laser processing of metal elements, including steel, copper, aluminium, brass and other alloys of metals and plastics.


The Laser Technology Centre of LaserTec is a unique undertaking employing innovative techniques in laser processes. Based on the cutting-edge laser technologies, we offer non-standard solutions for the industry.

LaserTec's modern machine park are robotised laser stations with positioners and tracks equipped with:

  • high power lasers,
  • laser welding heads, including Remote Laser Welding head,
  • hybrid welding hears,
  • joint tracking sensors,
  • laser hardening heads with a temperature control system,
  • cladding heads,
  • precise powder feeders,
  • cutting heads.

The in-house metallography laboratory offers professional and broad scope of performance tests of pre- and post-processing metals, welded joints or hardened details. Rich experience and qualifications of our engineers guarantee professional and high standard services.


Maximising innovations and qualification in development and implementation of laser technologies, we optimise production processing, concurrently increasing their potential, effectiveness and competitiveness.

Thanks to innovative knowledge, multiple years of experience as well as continuous development, we provide unmatched quality of performed works, transparent cooperation conditions as well as effective methods of automation, robotisation and broadly understood laser technologies.

Our offer 
is addressed to almost all industry branches

thanks to on-going monitoring of market trends and continuous research carried out at the Research and Development Department which provide "customised" solutions. We are successful at implementation of innovative solutions employing laser technologies in the following fields:

  • welding
  • heat processing
  • power engineering
  • automotive
  • aviation
  • mining
  • metallurgy
  • tool industry
  • household appliances

The key attribute of LaserTec is human capital, i.e. a team of competent engineers and specialists who have the capacity needed to implement projects requiring knowledge, experience, advanced technological skills as well as to provide consulting and objective assessment. The staff of the Laser Technology Centre is composed of engineers qualified in the area of welding, material engineering, thermal processing, robotisation and automation.

In our development strategy, in addition to innovativeness, we follow the principles of reliable relations with the customers, contractors, business partners, employees and competitors.